Construction begins on new classrooms at Saltar’s Point Elementary

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A sketch of the new addition at Saltar's Point Elementary in Steilacoom.

A sketch of the new addition at Saltar’s Point Elementary in Steilacoom.

Construction of two new classrooms and restroom facilities has started at Saltar’s Point Elementary School this week. The school, located in Steilacoom, Washington, accommodates all fourth and fifth grade students in the Steilacoom Historical School District.

School officials state that the design of the new addition will match the existing feel and color of the main building. Classrooms will also match the same quality that the existing structure has. The pre-fabricated building is being constructed off-site, allowing for a high quality building to be constructed in a short time frame. Five parts to the building will be lifted into place in June, once school is out. Finishing the interior of the new addition will take place over the summer, and it is anticipated that all work will be completed by mid-August so teachers can settle into the new classrooms prior to the next school year starting.

The district believes that this addition will accommodate future growth of the fourth and fifth grade population well into the future.

The new addition will be located in front of the existing school. Construction fencing has been installed around the location of the new addition.

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