Linda Jordan appointed to DuPont City Council

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The DuPont City Council voted 4-2 to appoint Linda Jordan to council position no. 2 during the February 28, 2012 DuPont City Council meeting.

Jordan, who is on vacation and did not attend the meeting, has served on the city’s Planning Agency for six years. She will be sworn in during the March 13, 2012 council meeting.

Jordan was chosen over Laurie Fait and Eric Corp, who each received one vote. Jordan is a sixteen year resident of DuPont.

According to city records, she has a Liberal Arts degree from Washington State University and has worked in banking and accounting throughout her career. Now retired, Jordan stays active volunteering with the DuPont Lions Club and with the Forever Young Seniors group. She considers herself a pioneer of the community, as she’s watched DuPont grow from a small community with just over 600 residents to a city with a population over 8,000.

To get a sense of the interview process that took place, South Puget Sound News obtained audio of the candidate interviews that were held at DuPont City Hall on February 15, 2012, and received a copy of the candidates applications through a public records request.

In the interview, Jordan described herself as someone who is not a gossip, but does ask a lot of questions so she can understand the issue at hand.

“I am curious,” she said during her interview.

When asked what her decision-making process was like, Jordan said she has a tendency of holding back from overreacting, listens to all sides, and tries not to take things personally. She feels that to be a good council member, you have to be a good listener.

One of Jordan’s top priorities for DuPont over the next 10 years is to maintain public safety, and to keep up the amenities DuPont has. She recognizes that all of this will played out as DuPont faces some tough economic conditions.

When asked why she didn’t run for one of the three council positions in 2011, she responded saying “since I was involved with the planning agency, it didn’t occur for me to run.”

Her final interview question asked if there was anything in her background that would be an embarrassment to the council. Jordan responded saying she has no conflicts of interest and has nothing to hide or be embarrassed about.

All four candidates were presented with the same questions during their 30 minute interviews.

The four council members who voted for Jordan were Penny Coffey, Kathy Trotter, John Ehrenreich and Larry Wilcox.  Councilman Roger Westman voted for Laurie Fait, while Councilman Mike Courts voted for Eric Corp.  The fourth candidate, Miguel Blanco, did not receive a nomination.

Before the voting took place, Councilman Ehrenreich spoke on behalf of the council saying, “we are all very proud and grateful of the four individuals who stepped forward to serve. All are outstanding candidates, and unfortunately we only have one seat open.”

Jordan will fulfill the remaining two year term for council position no. 2, which ends December 31, 2013. She has indicated that she would seek re-election. Council position no. 2 became vacant after then-Councilman Michael Grayum became the mayor of DuPont in January 2012.

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