Burn Ban in place for Pierce County

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Pierce County, WA - Official Website - Fire MarshalPierce County Fire Marshal Warner Webb issued a Phase One burn ban on Monday, July 29, 2013. The ban is due to the continuing hot and dry weather.

All burning permits are suspended and outdoor burning is prohibited, except for small recreational fires less than three feet in diameter, fires in barbecues and cooking appliances, outdoor fireplaces and campfires in approved fire pits and locations at established campgrounds.

Persons with approved Department of Natural Resources burn permits are advised to call 800-323-BURN (2876).

For additional information or instructions, please contact your local fire department or the Pierce County Fire Marshal’s office at (253) 798-7179.

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources issued a burn ban effective July 1 – September 30, 2013 on all on all forest lands under DNR jurisdiction. The current fire danger in Pierce, Thurston and King Counties is listed as moderate.

The DuPont Fire Department would like to make residents aware of the importance of protecting your property from fire damage, especially during the warm summer months. Protecting your home from urban brush fires is your responsibility. Utilizing ‘Firewise’ landscaping concepts can limit the level of flammable vegetation and materials surrounding your home and increase the moisture content of remaining vegetation. You can help protect your home by following these suggestions:

  • Rake leaves, dead limbs, and twigs. Remove leaf clutter and dead and overhanging braches, and remove rubbish from around the structure.
  • Mow the lawn regularly and dispose of cutting and debris promptly.
  • Water plants, trees and mulch regularly.
  • Trim back trees that overhang the house.
  • Clear a 10-foot area around propane tanks and barbeques. Place a screen over the grill using non-flammable material with mesh no coarser than ¼ inch.
  • Regularly dispose of newspapers and other flammable materials to an appropriate site.
  • Place stove, fireplace, and grill ashes in a metal bucket, soak in water for two days, and then bury the cold ashes in mineral soil.
  • Store gasoline, oily rags, and other flammable materials in approved safety cans that can be purchased at local hardware stores and place in a safe location away from buildings.
  • Store firewood away from your house. Clear combustible material within 20 feet. Use only UL-approved wood burning devices.
  • Create a 30-foot safety zone around your home. Keep the volume of vegetation in this zone to a minimum. The greater the distance between your home and vegetation, the greater the protection.
  • Remove debris on rooftops, in gutters, and under sun decks and porches.

For more information on Firewise landscaping please visit www.firewise.org.


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