Send a snowflake to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary

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The National Parent Teacher Association is organizing an effort to help the students of Sandy Hook Elementary feel at home in a new building once school resumes after Winter Break, and you can help.

It is the goal of Parent-volunteers to welcome the students back to a winter wonderland of snowflakes once classes resume. Organizers want the entire school to be decorated with as many unique snowflakes as possible. This is a great opportunity for you and your kids to show support for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary during the upcoming Winter Break.

The National PTA is encouraging senders to be as creative as possible, because no two snowflakes are alike. The snowflakes should be sent to the Connecticut PTSA address by January 12, 2013.

Send your snowflakes to:

Connecticut PTSA

60 Connolly Parkway

Building 12, Suite 103

Hamden, CT 06514

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  1. Pamela Meiser Antosiak December 21, 2012 at 12:32 pm - 

    We are keeping you closely within our hearts. I am sending you a snowflake crocheted by my mom when i was about the age of the Sandy Hook kids. I dare say it is as unique as my mom :) who was exceptionally into crafting for most of her life. She is now 90 and I am 58 and I cannot think of a better way to bring some beauty and joy to these brave kids who have survived this. We are all as unique as rhe snowflakes and I hope this special little snowflake will help in your efforts. We send you much love, much hope and pray for peace.

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