Pierce County predicts 80 percent voter turn out

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Pierce County released some new information on the number of ballots they have received as of election day which show that many registered voters didn’t wait until election day to cast their vote. County officials are predicting a 80 percent voter turn out.

The county has 442,985 registered voters. As of Tuesday, Nov. 6, 251,347 ballots had been returned which is 56.74 percent of registered voters. Of those ballots, 139,741 were returned by mail while 111,606 were returned at a drop box. According to the Pierce County Assessor’s website, 2,825 out of 4,355 registered voters in the City of DuPont voted before November 6.

The voting district that has returned the most ballots prior to election day however is Legislative District No. 26 at 66.63 percent. DuPont is ranked second with 64.87 percent of ballots returned.

There are only a few hours are left to cast your vote this election day. Pierce County drop off voter boxes will be open until 8 p.m. tonight.  Here’s a link to a map showing all Pierce County Ballot Drop Box locations. In DuPont, the Drop Box location is in Ross Plaza. In Steilacoom, the box is located at the Steilacoom Library. If you mail your ballot, it has to be postmarked by today, and most post offices are not open extended hours. Your best bet is to use the voter drop off boxes, which don’t require a stamp, or go to one of six Voting Center locations across Pierce County.

One of the most common question’s Pierce County Election officials are receiving from the public involve the Pierce Transit issue. In May, the communities of Bonney Lake, Buckley, DuPont, Orting, Sumner and large portions of unincorporated Pierce County were removed from the Pierce Transit taxing district/service area.

The Pierce Transit boundary and voting district was reduced by the Public Transportation Improvement Conference. If the Pierce Transit ballot measure passes, the sales tax will only be collected inside the voting boundary. 105,450 voters were removed from the district.

Another common question officials are receiving involves if a registered voter moves from another county but never changed his or her address. Where they can vote? Pierce County officials say the best thing to do is vote at a voting center in the county where you are registered. Voters can vote a provisional ballot at any voting center in the state. Election staff count the issues a voter is eligible to vote on.

Pierce County expects to release results for 175,000 voters tonight, with more results coming out around 11 p.m. election night. New results will be released the rest of the week at 5 and 10 p.m. Election officials expect to have 90 percent of the results reported by Friday, Nov. 9.  By Monday, Nov. 12, they expect to reach 95 percent counted.

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