DuPont Police need your eyes to help stop theft from vehicles

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police lightsThe DuPont Police Department is seeing a spike in thefts from vehicles and is asking for the public’s help.

Over the past few months, the department has responded to several thefts from vehicles calls. According to Police Chief Ron Goodpaster, the number of the reports is higher than usual and concerning.

The thefts are taking place in the DuPont Station area around lunch time and in the early evening hours. The thieves are going into unlocked vehicles and are also breaking windows to gain entry. They are taking suitcases, computers, gym bags, and other miscellaneous items.

The police are reminding vehicle owners to remove anything of value from the occupancy area of your vehicle when you park, and to lock your doors.

If you see someone hanging around vehicles parked on the street or in the parking lots, or if you see a vehicle being driven slowly around the area with no apparent destination, police are asking you to call 911.  Goodpaster said it would also be very helpful if you can get a license number or a description of the person.

The police are saying that they will continue their efforts patrolling the area, and with the public’s help we can stop these thefts.

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