D and D are keeping Steilacoom Boulevard trash free

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The following Kudos was submitted to South Puget Sound News:

Do you know who to thank for the cleanliness of Steilacoom Blvd into the town of Steilacoom? There aren’t any signs up saying that the stretch of road has been ‘adopted’ by anyone or any group. Maybe you haven’t noticed how clean the roadside is, but when D & D went away for a short time, the trash piled up quickly!

Perhaps you’ve seen them on their walks — they usually walk into town from the Library area, and back, three times per week. Dieter Mielimonka and his beautiful wife Denise make the walk down to the Post Office to retrieve the mail for the Steilacoom Historical Society. Along the way, and back, Denise will use her pointed stick to pick up the detritus (left by inconsiderate people) and place it in a plastic bag. Dieter is the trusted supervisor and eagle eye.

Dieter once told me that they’ve picked up more things than you can imagine, from apple cores to zechino (I just threw the z word in there — I don’t remember what word Dieter used for ‘z’). Some of it is just gross. Some of it, like a bouquet and what appeared to be a good-sized wedding cake, might have a story behind it, but it’s all trash.

So the next time you’re driving down Steilacoom Boulevard and see a couple walking along, carrying a trash bag and wielding a pointed stick, toot your horn and give them a thumbs up as a way of saying thanks.

Thanks D & D!

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