Address, How to Trace a Person’s Address History

Have you ever wondered how can i get my address history on the web? Perhaps you would be happy with a physical representation of this information. There are certain companies that could send this to you by mail, but most of them are going to work on digital delivery or provide you with this information over the phone. Getting your address history may be necessary for many reasons. It could be that you are applying for a job and they need to know exactly where you have been. If you would like to gather this information, the following tips will let you find the information that you need about your address history.

Why This Information May Be Necessary

There are several reasons why it may be necessary for you to disclose information about your address history. If you are applying for credit, or if you need to get a job that requires a background check, this may be required. Getting an apartment is also a time when you would need to present this information. By doing so, they can see where you have been, how long you have stayed at each place, and they can subsequently ask you questions about why you have moved. Having personal references is also a good idea for any of these situations. However, when you can show them where you are located, this paints a better picture of you as a person and how you ended up where you are today.

How Can I Get My Address History?

To find this information, you have a couple different options. First of all, if you have been building credit for the last few years, and you have moved during this time, all of that information will be on your credit report. There are three different places where you can get a credit report. Any of them are going to share this information with you. Once you have contacted them, they can then send that to you via email or they can send it to you in a physical package. Keep note that some of the information may be missing as not all creditors are going to report activity to the credit bureau. Another possibility is that you can go through your tax records. Simply show them several years of your tax filings and this will also have that information. Searching the public records can also be helpful. A simple trip to the courthouse can show where you have been, particularly if you have owned properties. The Department of Motor Vehicles may also have this information that you are looking for. Online accounts that you have set up where they have requested personal information will have this information stored. Once you have this information, you can then decide on which company will provide you with the most accurate representation of where you have been over the last few years.

What If This Information Is Not Correct?

If the information is not correct then you have a couple options. You can only use the information from the companies that are accurate, or you could try to change the ones that are not. This will require you to contact the company directly, submit forms about changing that information, plus provide them with other sources that can show where you actually were. However, if you are not concerned about correcting all of the ones that are not accurate, simply download or receive the information that you need for the purpose that you need it for.

Gathering this information for a job, apartment, or credit card may be necessary at some point in time. In most cases, they can access the credit bureaus to get this information automatically. However, if you find that you need to provide it personally, you now know where to look in order to get this information that will be stored on their databases. You can request it, or simply copy the information that you see online by doing a screenshot or copy and paste this into a document that you can print or sent to them. There is always a way to get previous address information for yourself. Now that you know how to do this, you will never have to worry again about getting this information to people that need it.

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